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Dr. Susan Jerger

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A $2.8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health in 2009 marked the 25th consecutive year that Jerger’s research into children’s speech processing received funding.

My life has been filled with extraordinarily talented colleagues. I step into a revolving door with them and step out onto a different street.

Professor Emeritus in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Former Ashbel Smith Professor

Dr. Susan Jerger’s research has focused on children with mild-severe sensorineural hearing losses who often use hearing aids and spoken language as their primary mode of communication.

Jerger’s professional honors include being selected as the Carhart Lecturer, American Auditory Society; Sursa Lecturer, Indiana University School of Medicine; James A. Moore Lecturer, Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University; Norma Slepecky Lecturer, Syracuse University; and as a member of the College of CRS Reviewers, National Institutes of Health.

She enjoyed working closely with students and directed the Undergraduate Honors Program, including the Dean’s Scholars Program in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, providing enriching educational experiences in a mentoring environment for academically gifted and highly motivated students.

Jerger earned a bachelor’s in speech and hearing sciences from the University of Houston. She received a master’s in speech and hearing sciences from Purdue University and a PhD in audiology and bioacoustics from Baylor College of Medicine.