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Dr. Alex R. Piquero

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Piquero is consistently ranked among the most-published and most-cited criminologists, with more than 400 articles in numerous journals.

There is no better job than teaching and mentoring. It is the most rewarding part of one’s career.

Former Professor of Criminology
Former Ashbel Smith Professor

Dr. Alex R. Piquero joined the UT Dallas faculty in 2011 and left in 2020. He has published more than 400 peer-reviewed articles in the areas of criminal careers, criminological theory and quantitative research methods. He is consistently ranked among the most published and cited criminologists in the world.

He first became interested in criminal justice under the guidance of Dr. Laure Brooks during his studies at the University of Maryland in 1989.

“She opened up the excitement of the field to me, and without that class I would not be where I am today,” Piquero said.

He has collaborated on several books on the subject, including Key Issues in Criminal Careers Research: New Analyses from the Cambridge Study in Delinquent DevelopmentHandbook of Quantitative Criminology, and Offending from Childhood to Late Middle Age.

In addition to his membership in more than a dozen editorial boards of journals in criminology and sociology, he has also served in the following roles: executive counselor with the American Society of Criminology, member of the National Academy of Sciences Panel Evaluating the National Institute of Justice, Member of the National Academy of Sciences Panel on Implementing a Juvenile Justice Reform Plan Using a Developmental Approach, National Academy of Science Panel on Modernizing the Nation’s Crime Statistics, National Academy of Sciences Panel on Revisiting Strengthening the National Institute of Justice, member of the Racial Democracy, Crime and Justice Network at Ohio State University, and member of the MacArthur Foundation’s Research Network on Adolescent Development and Juvenile Justice.

He has received numerous teaching awards, including the University of Florida’s College of Arts and Sciences Teacher of the Year Award and the University of Maryland’s “Top Terp” Teaching Award. In 2014, he received the University of Texas System Board of Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award.

“When you give people information that they never had before, it opens their eyes and challenges their views,” Piquero said. “It’s not about changing their views, it’s about transmitting knowledge and then helping students think about the knowledge in ways that they may not have done before.”

Piquero has also received the American Society of Criminology’s Young Scholar and E-Mail Mentor of the Year Awards, and was named a Fellow of both the American Society of Criminology and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.